APRIL 20TH 14.30

Commuters were blindfolded and serenaded in Liverpool Street Station, in a bid to bring Londoners back into the moment.

“I couldn’t believe how relaxed I was; it was like the madness of the station became the gentle hum of a waterfall.”
— Laura, 34

What actually happened?...

Unwitting travellers at Liverpool Street Station were plunged into a world of touch, taste and movement

Passengers were fed canapés designed by Adam Thomason and moved by dancers to live classical music though one of the city’s busiest terminals

Sensory arts company BitterSuite says the stunt “aims to lure our attention away from our digital devices and back into reality”

It was the official teaser for Open Senses 2017, a new Weekend Festival of sensory arts, science and philosophy taking place across London on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st May 2017.