BitterSuite Workshop 3/4 “Sensory Embodiment in Devised Theatre Making”

Photo Credit: Kare Khoo

Photo Credit: Kare Khoo

sway, skip, spin, swing

Three Quarters Through and into the moving trusting world of BitterSuite in a workshop led by Linzy Na Nakorn and Natalie Sloth Richter.

Freeing movement, open vocal chords, swaying and skipping, spinning and swinging. That was the order for the penultimate BitterSuite Masterclass as part of the Vault’s Festival. Entering slightly late to slightly off-putting groaning, moaning and sighing: a feast of noises in a circle of relative strangers who by way of an introduction exercise were connecting movement to sound. Clicking, clapping, singing and trilling accompanied various smooth or staccato dance moves. Movement makers exchanged positions with sound makers and the process continued in flow. I got stuck straight in! No explanation needed, off with a donkey bray me-thinks! Nice and simple start wouldn’t you say? What was particularly beautiful was as we went through the process of how BitterSuite performers would get into their piece of work over the months and months before a performance is unveiled, ishow trusting everyone became - and so quickly. Much of the work was with our eyes shut, completely entrusting our safety to someone else, someone whose name we may have only just asked. One great exercise involved conveying a character or animal only through touch. I found a snake to be particularly effective! We progressed to longer pieces where we trusted others to push, pull, twist and bend us into reflective choreography that altered our visions and responses in return. This all culminated in us pairing up and performing our own piece. Sharing memories with our audience through only movement; conveying our story in steps and emotion through our body language. No need for overt miming or clowning here - it was the smallest of gestures and touches that let those watching into our worlds. Totally freeing physically and mentally to simply let go and trust what is.

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