BitterSuite Workshop 2/4 “Making Art of Food & Making Food of Art”

Photo Credit: Kare Khoo

Photo Credit: Kare Khoo

bouncing popping candy

Part two (the edible-and therefore my favourite-quarter) of the four piece masterclass series from the BitterSuite brainiacs.

Here Adam Thomason and Marah Wilson led a workshop on using taste to interpret Debussy Quartet in G minor.

There’s something so releasing in an invitation to break the rules – painting with food on a table and eating it afterwards! It’s so naughty… child-like ….daring! That’s precisely what Adam Thomason invited us to do at an amazing workshop filled with blindfolded taste experiences and challenging questions about how do you create the taste of silence? Or how do you create an uncomfortable feeling through food alone? Things which are very rarely thought about by “normal” chefs, but Adam, one half of Flavour and Some is far from a “normal” chef if any of the treats that night were to go by. Zingy pineapple with fresh mint was the simplest it got. The group was encouraged to create sounds, movements and artwork based on the musical piece we heard and the tastes and flavours we were offered. The culmination of bouncing popping candy pieces, swirls of pistachio piping and smears of beetroot puree smashing through carefully constructed globes of jelly was a sight to cherish with childlike glee.

Check out more photos of the fun to be had with edible art through the BitterSuite facebook page.

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