Interview with Steph Singer, Director of BitterSuite: The Performance

Photo Credit: Kare Khoo

Photo Credit: Kare Khoo

visceral, intimate, liberating

In this two part interview Steph Singer, founder of Open Senses and director of BitterSuite, starts by sharing a bit about Tapestries, the latest BitterSuite production for the Open Senses festival.

What can people look forward to with your particular performance, Tapestries: BitterSuite, at the festival?

You will be transported by Tapestries - an original BitterSuite concert. You put your body in the hands of our experienced team and allow us to manipulate, move, touch and feed you all perfectly in time with the music. It’s an adventure for your body to listen in a new way. You can expect to think about music in a way you never have before. And hopefully leave with an intimate connection to one of our BitterSuite hosts.

How would you describe your event in three words?

Visceral, intimate and liberating

Why should they come and visit your activity?

Because they’ve never experienced anything quite like it before. And because it will open a new avenue in their imagination.

What else are you looking forward to seeing at the festival?

  • Law and the senses!!
  • Hack the senses!
  • I=U
  • Juri Nishi
  • Sencity!
  • We are Now
  • Crossmodal Cabaret
  • Journey to Interior

How would you like BitterSuite to develop in the future?

We’ll be pushing our practice developing experience & music side by side, experimenting with instruments on a major scale and touring our work.

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