Hack the Senses - Dr Wellentine’s Emporium of Sensory Curiosities

bamboozling topsy turvy

Here’s a sensory snippet from the team that will be bringing you “The Institute For Sensory Reconnection” from their last bamboozling topsy turvy extravaganza Dr Wellentine's Emporium of Sensory Curiosities...

The delightful thing about sensory events is that you never know where they will take you. In this particular case it started with entering a rather nondescript house to be gathered alongside a hoard of mystified strangers and greeted by an exotic lady in a top hat and fetching jacket, then set lose like hounds on the hunt. Appropriate really as midway I found myself blindfolded with headphones on, bum in the air, nose to the ground much like a bloodhound on the scent track to gain my freedom out of there. This house of oddities featured: sniff-able paintings, a cacophony of orchestral music created from your movements and Microsoft Paint taken up a whole new level – into outer space! At one point I felt I had literally fallen out of the spaceship and was falling into the multi-coloured ether. All this and more within a compact 90 minute period, returning into a breezy bright London afternoon head buzzing with vivid possibilities.

If you want a piece of that then check their latest puzzle here.

Share your experiences @OpenSensesUK #OpenSenses2017, this experience shared by Natasha Blok.