BitterSuite Workshop 4/4 “From Music to Experience”

Photo Credit: Kare Khoo

Photo Credit: Kare Khoo

madcap adventure

The finale we had all been waiting for, Steph Singer herself leading the way of combining all three previous workshops into a fluid taste of what was to come with Tapestries and future BitterSuite performances.

Having been fortunate enough to attend all the run up workshops to this, what felt like the firework exploding conclusion of the BitterSuite workshops, I was hit by a strong wave of melancholy. A Friday evening without a madcap adventure. A Friday evening not being transported from a seemingly blank performing space into a heady brothel, an artistic gallery or a poignant childhood playground memory, what sort of Friday was that? To head back to the Fridays with a simple pint in the pub or languishing in front of TV reruns? The loss of silly spontaneity and super quick breakdowns in society norms ending up in improvised singing and dance movements, seemed too sad. Luckily Steph, the much aforementioned Director extraordinaire has enough energy, happiness and zingy charisma to light up 100 lightbulbs and cheer anyone up! As she used her boundless enthusiasm to initiate some ice breaker name games, bursts of zipping, zapping and bubbles of laughter filled the auditorium. Within minutes we were crumbling to the ground in increasingly extravagant Scooby Doo death scenes. By the end everyone’s mood was electric, bouncing off the walls and we had to continue to the Vaults pub with ideas zip-zap-boinging from person to person infected by the BitterSuite magic. I can’t wait for the next BitterSuite adventure to begin!

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