Welcome to our world

a tantalising taster

Welcome to the Open Senses blog, our more informal portal to share with you more about our activities and back stage sensory snippets in the run up to, and during, the whirlwind of the festival itself.

…A path leading you to an enticing nudge, a passing sniff, an intriguing chirp, a hidden glimpse, a fleeting touch, a tantalising taster of the activities within and surrounding Open Senses, come join our journey…

Can’t think where to begin?

Alongside the information on the website, here we have a sneak peek into some of the artists’ events and interviews with some of those involved with the festival; all to help you decide which of the many fun, thought provoking and insightful activities, workshops and events you may choose to join in with.

Please do share your experiences in person and via our facebook, instagram and twitter (@OpenSensesUK #OpenSenses2017) channels – we would love to see what you get up to, hear about your adventures and feel it with you.

Majority of posts captured by Natasha Blok (@NBlok1) with a crimson and gold butterfly net.