So, it happened!

it was really fun

Phew! So, it happened! You… us… together we made it happen! It’s been a week since the explosion of colour, sound, talks, tactile experiences, workshops, conversations and sensory activities of the Open Senses Festival began.

Even though the weekend is over, there continue to be ways for you to get involved including:

- visiting Marcus Innis’ exhibition which will continue for 3 months read more including an interview with him here

- following up those conversations you started

- making collaborations happen

- discovering where to find your newly discovered artist or scientist’s public event

- keeping in touch with us and giving your feedback to make next time even more awesome!

Over the next few weeks we will be recapping on some of what was experienced, getting some insights from those involved: both leading and participating, and thinking of what the future may hold…

For now, along with the video, here are some thoughts from Stephanie Singer, the mastermind of it all, when it closed last Sunday.

“So … Open Senses JUST HAPPENED. I’m exhausted… maybe a little delirious … But so happy.

Open Senses was a feat of over 300 people (maybe more?!?!), uniting in London to pull off something that was seemingly impossible but actually JUST HAPPENED. I’m so proud of what we made together. Thank you so much to everyone who created work, worked their asses off against all odds, kept on working even when the festival seemed like… a crazy idea, gave dedication, time, energy, passion and LOVE to it. It was beautiful and I’m going to sleep.

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