Call out for your Open Senses 2017 memories

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So, so, SO much happened over just one weekend! To squeeze it all in, there were multiple events, workshops, talks and conversations all happening at the same time in venues across London. We tried our best to capture as much as we could but we couldn’t possibly get it all!

Therefore, we’re inviting you to share your snapshots, experiences, videos, and 3 word summaries with us.

Please post in the comments below or post on facebook and twitter using #OpenSenses2017 or #OpenSensesUK or let us know if you would like to email, and we can collect all your memories together and create an online scrap book together here on the blog. So much better shared than stuck in your phone we think.

Many thanks!

@OpenSensesUK #OpenSenses2017, Invitation by Natasha Blok.