3, 2, 1 and Blast Off!!

experience and enjoy

Thanks to all those who gave up their time for a quick chat, now it’s time to get out there to experience and enjoy!

Most of the on-the-go coverage will be through facebook and twitter – so keep your eyes, ears, fingers, breath on there (but only a little – we do want you to enjoy it fully too!). Please do join in with your own photos and comments. We love to hear from you.

Then we’ll cover it on here and get some comments after it’s all done in a flash of furious activity (with some meditative bits thrown in to balance us)!

Let’s see how we come out the other side: shaken, reawakened, joyful and invigorated we hope!

Join and help 'Bring London To Its Senses', share your photos and comments through @OpenSensesUK #OpenSenses2017, excited launch announcement by Natasha Blok.