Video Interview (Kate Dangerfield/BFI) with Amy Neilson Smith: Tying it All Together at the Symposium

Produced /directed by Kate Dangerfield – PhD Documentary. Funded by BFI and in association with Sense.  

poetic structure in film

The video interview recorded above gives further detail behind those interviews given by Kara Jarrold (from Sense), Kate Dangerfield and Amy Neilson Smith previously (click on their names to be taken to the interviews to learn more).

As the festival fast approaches, one of the first events is this afternoon. The metaphorical wizards from Joseph Clarke School (aka Amy Neilson Smith’s students) are over the moon to be part of Open Senses Festival where they will showcase their recorded and improvised work at their school from 2-3pm today (Thursday 18th May). Please contact Amy on for last minute details if you would like to attend.

Amy promises “not only will your hearts and ears be filled with tales of light and darkness, woes and celebration, isolation and togetherness – but students will be taking the lead and inviting the audience into a mouth watering experience of colour! The textures and smells of chocolate, strawberries, olives, tomatoes and popping candy becoming the live ‘creative process!’”

One star student is completely on board by saying “we don’t have to see the colour we can eat the colour!” Synaesthetic talk in action!

The collated sensorial poetry anthology ‘A Blind Bit of Difference’, is being released soon. It is made up of an explosion of synaesthetic action filled poems. Here’s one sensory poem from it to whet your appetite…

The Braille Machine of Doom!

The brailler is the sorrow of my existence,

a knife scratching deep within my heart.

That mess of metal is a total disgrace,

since the very first day I used it!

Boredom drips off it

like the black filth of oil,

it titters, tormenting, crushing

and torturing me!

The BrailleNote is a cleaner land

than the one before...

The soundless keys pad out

our thoughts in the simplicity of silence...

But still not as perfect as the words straight

from our mouths.

In the video it also details Amy’s work at Sense’s day service Touch Base South East. There she explored sensorial spoken word and guided metaphorical play, one-to-one, with three students with various sensory impairments, additional learning and other associated disabilities.

In collaboration with Sense and the students, Kate Dangerfield designed an innovative ‘accessible film’ project where students take hold of the low-budget film equipment themselves. This way it enables them to show us their unique perspective of the world and their connection to the sensory landscape.

If you would like to hear more of this fascinating work, Kate will discuss it at the Symposium on Friday (tomorrow!) along with multiples showings, at The Trampery on Saturday and Sunday (1.30 – 3.00pm) and at the V&A Museum from 10am – 5.30pm.

Amy will be collaborating with Kate on a full length documentary film: editing and developing the final section using poetic structure within the framework of the film’s aesthetic and audio-visual properties. It will excitingly combine the visual viewpoint from the student with added expression through storytelling and sensory spoken word. 

Amy will also be leading her own live taste-based poetry seminar “An Alternative Logic – tasting a new perspective” at the Symposium on Friday (tomorrow – get your tickets now, limited numbers left), hosted by The Institute of Philosophy.

Amy says you can expect “moulding metaphors into poetic scribblings and using your tongue to taste a new perspective”.

What if you don’t consider yourself a poet? Never fear, we are reassured by Amy that “sensorial stimulation is the key to unlocking your ‘inner poet’. You’ll walk away with a living breathing sensorial creation of your very own, and become part of a larger body of work!”

Come and engage with Amy, Kate and Kara and all the others featured in the interview series at the festival this weekend. It’s so close we can taste it!

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