Interview with Elephants and Volcanoes: Who Wouldn’t Love Them?

reflections, living sculpture, water

Who are Elephants and Volcanoes?

We are Elephants and Volcanoes, a multi-disciplinary artist collective. We are 6 friends from different countries and disciplines loving to make art inspired by one another. We love elephants because they are very powerful but also very empathic, and volcanoes: who doesn’t love them!

What’s the story of how you got involved in the senses?

It came naturally as our disciplines focus on different senses, so when we started working together we realized that a conversation between all these sensorial layers started to happen. It is important to us, because nowadays there is a loss in focus and we want to allow people to be fully present when experiencing our work, bringing back awareness and consciousness.

What can people look forward to with ‘Firnocene’ your exhibition at the festival?

It is a short (around ten minutes) otherworldly one on one experience of sound, smell, taste, touch and vision celebrating water as a unique element connecting and nurturing all life as we know it.

How would you describe it in three words?

Reflections/ Living Sculpture/ Water

I’ll allow that. Why do you think the senses are important?

The senses allow us to communicate that which cannot be said or seen, to create a new poetic space.

And why would you encourage visitors to book onto your experience?

To satisfy their curiosity without getting an answer, to feel and experience something new.

What else are you looking forward to seeing at the festival?

Crossmodalist Cabaret, Hack the Senses and Movement Alphabet.

For others curious about the Movement Alphabet, we have a current offer where you receive a discount for them when you buy a place on Firnocene.

Where would you like to see the sensory area develop in the future?

To become more integrated in daily life.

Where will Elephants and Volcanoes be travelling to next?

We are planning to tour the installation in Berlin, Zürich and Amsterdam. We are working on a series of other projects amongst which a multi media one for children.

Three words to describe how you feel about the festival?

Total Extravaganza Shabang

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