Interview with Kate Dangerfield: Accessible Filmmaker

experimental visceral communication

Hi Kate, please introduce yourself and your background?

Hi, in collaboration with Sense, I have been working on the Accessible Film Project, which forms the basis of my practice-based PhD on Accessible Filmmaking at the University of Roehampton. We have been holding workshops at Sense Resource Centres across the country where people with sensory impairments and other complex needs have been exploring and experimenting with film as a means of communication and expression. We were extremely fortunate to receive funding from the BFI Diversity Fund, which has really brought the project to life.

What are you working on for the festival this year?

I will be discussing the Accessible Film Project at the Symposium on Friday at 5.25pm to introduce our film.

Our film will then be shown at the Trampery from 1.30 – 3.00pm and at the Victoria and Albert Museum from 10 – 5.30pm on Saturday and Sunday.

It is a 20-minute taster of the project, which showcases the amazing work created by the participants during the workshops and shows an overview of the research so far. Marcus Innis and I have also been working together on a short experimental film that will be shown alongside his fantastic photography exhibition on Usher Syndrome at Moorfields Eye Hospital on Saturday.

Plenty then! How did you first get interested in the senses?

I have always been interested by the senses and the work I have done in the past has touched on it in different ways, but it was really when I started my research that I became fascinated by the subject. What interests me most at the moment, is how we communicate though all our senses and how this can be expressed and translated through film. With the current political and social climate, I feel it is ever more important to promote the arts and creative expression. By collaborating with people from different fields and from different countries and communities, we can create really exciting inclusive work. Work which focuses on human connections and challenges our common perceptions of the senses.

What three words would you use to describe The Accessible Film Project?

Experimental (and) Visceral Communication.

Sort of three words... What do you think of the festival line-up?

I am completely blown away by all the events of the festival. Sometimes you find one-off events dotted around here and there, but not like this, it's all happening this weekend in London and there's such a buzz about it. It's very inspiring!!!  It feels like Open Senses is the start of something very special!

What else are you looking forward to seeing other than your work?

We'll see a little bit of everything because Samuel Thomson, Judith Rifeser and myself, along with a crew of students from the University of Roehampton will be running around London filming snippets of excitement for a short film to showcase everyone’s fabulous work. We're also inviting audience members to contribute to the film by sending us very short clips of their experience, so do get involved!

Three words to describe how you feel about the festival?

Wonderfully intriguing & exciting!

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