Interview with Hack the Senses: Sensory Game Changers

fun, challenging, unexpected

Hi, so who are Hack the Senses?

We are Hack the Senses, a Wellcome Trust-supported, multi-disciplinary team spanning fields from art history to computational neuroscience, electrical engineering and prosthetics design. Our work explores the science of the senses to deepen appreciation of the richness of perception, to probe its boundaries and to go beyond them.

Wow sounds very sci-fi. How did it all come to be?

Hack the Senses started in early 2016. It grew out of Imre Bard’s work on ethical and societal issues around human enhancement technologies and sprung from a dissatisfaction with the preoccupation with performance enhancement. The project set out to think about ways in which new technologies could expand the scope of human experience.

Cool and how are you using that with the Open Senses Festival?

We have created a game called ‘Institute for Sensory Reconnection’ for small groups of 2-4 players where visitors will have to solve a series of sensory puzzles and challenges. A little bit like an escape-game, but not quite.

And how would you describe it in three words?

Fun, challenging, unexpected.

Why did you choose the senses as a topic to focus on?

Well, we get to know the world through our senses, they are our only source of knowledge, so developing and refining our use of them can lead to a richer, fuller experience. Also, what could be more exciting than trying to stretch the boundaries of what we can perceive and know?

Indeed! And why should visitors come and visit your game?

Visitors will have an opportunity to explore their senses in a playful way, while learning about the fascinating science of how we perceive the world.

What else are you looking forward to seeing at the festival?

We would love to see everything at the festival, but because our event runs throughout the whole duration, we will have to miss out on the rest of programme. :(

Any words for the future of where the interest in senses will go?

Hack the Senses will be the next big thing ;)

We’ll mark your words! And three words to describe how you feel about the festival?

Excited, grateful, curious

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