Interview with Roma Brown: a Word (or two) with Artistic Director, In Sight Theatre

interactive, tasty, story-based

Having been introduced by Amy Neilson Smith, can you please tell us a bit more about In Sight Theatre and Word on a Plate?

In Sight Theatre is an inclusive theatre company dedicated to make disability arts part of the mainstream. I co-founded this company with Zara Jayne in late 2015 as a platform from which to launch careers for mixed ability performers. ‘Word On A Plate’ is all about using something we all have in common – food – and expressing individuality through the way we interact with it and feel about it.

How did you first get into multi-sensory experiences?

Working in the realm of disability arts, I am always striving to find ways that all participants and performers can be involved and creatively stimulated. It has been through working with people that don’t have access to all of the senses that I have discovered the importance of providing multi-sensory experiences. In this way there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

What can people look forward to with 'Word On A Plate’?

Free workshop 'Word On A Plate' is all about having fun with food and experiencing it through unexpected senses. Rather than putting food on your plate with the aim of eating it, we will be exploring the way it feels, sounds and looks, creating a landscape and characters that inhabit your plate! In this way the plate turns into its own little world with its own story.

How would you describe it in three words?

Interactive, tasty and story-based.

Why do you think the senses are so important?

The senses are how we experience life: how we communicate and how we get inspired. Reinventing how we experience art and daily life through sensory exploration has the potential to improve accessibility and provide new ways of interacting with each other.

How would you like your performance to develop in the future?

'Word On A Plate' has some great multi-cultural potential. I would love to see this develop into an installation that shows plates of food from all over the world and tells those country’s stories and traditions in a fresh and interactive way.

Sounds delicious! What about three words (not on plates yet) to describe how you feel about the festival?

Excited, curious and inspired.

Bring on the tasty treats!

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