Interview with Katja Rosenberg catching art with Babel in Bloom

fun, feel, change

Hi Katja, please tell us a bit about yourself and your company Art Catcher?

My name is Katja Rosenberg, I am a German working in London. I produce group art projects all inspired by subjects of emotional and cultural belonging. I enjoy working with artists and individuals as far afield as possible in approach and geographically with my little company Art Catcher Ltd.

How did you get into the sensory world?

The human species is a very disconnected lot. This must have been becoming increasingly and unavoidably obvious to anyone who does or does not watch the news - in the last few years more than ever. After we have literally produced generations of children we have failed to understand and labelled them ill instead, it is time to wake (tf) up and do something MEANINGFUL. Art can do that, art does that.

What can people look forward to with Babel in Bloom?

All contributions during the weekend are very gently and carefully rendered performances and readings of self lived journeys to finding a healthy and happy connection with self and the world. Many of them invite you to become part of the artistic experience yourself. During the week preceding the festival weekend, we already warmly invite you to come and join us Mon-Fri 12-6pm to make oversize flowers from recycled materials with us. These will set the tower in bloom, visibly for all to see!

How would you describe it in three words?

 Fun. Feel. Change.

Why did you get involved in Open Senses?

I have met a number of performance artists with what is socially perceived to be disability over the course of last year who come from professional and non-professional backgrounds whose straight forward approach to the world and their role in it have inspired me so deeply that the Open Senses festival simply made complete sense (pun :) ) as the next thing.

What else are you looking forward to seeing at the festival?

To be honest we have filled the tower with so much lovely activity that I have had to very sadly wave goodbye to the hope of being able to catch any of the other absolutely amazing contributions. I just think it will be a very amazing and inspiring weekend in London altogether and I hope lots gets filmed so I can witness it at least on the screen!

Me too! So much awesome stuff happening you can’t catch it all.

Where would you like to see the sensory area developing in the future?

I think it would be wonderful to develop a gentle and dignified way to increasingly bring young people and children in as contributors, as well as senior citizens, maybe from old people's homes, as I think the start and end of human life are the best places to experience connection and they are totally under-recognised to this very day.

Great point. And what’s next for you?

St Augustine makes me very happy as a venue and it oozes an amazing air of loyalty, strength of spirit, gentleness and balance. I think it would be great to work with a venue again that does all these things, to honour them and to give ourselves increasing opportunities to wake up to our own histories.

Looking forward to 'waking up' to it all!

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