Interview with Chris Lloyd from the Crossmodalists on the Characterful Crossmodal Cabaret

coolest f*cking sh*t

Hi Chris, so Crossmodalism keeps being mentioned, what’s it all about? 

Crossmodalism is a movement born from the synthesis of art, science, and entrepreneurship. It is based in learning and collaboration across non-traditionally linked disciplines, ideas, and communities. Through this foundation, Crossmodalism fosters an appreciation of the full human experience in connection to its sensorial and natural environment.

Is it a new thing then?

Crossmodalism has existed for millennia: from Wagner’s ideal of Gesamtkunstwerk, the baroque concept of Taffelmusik, to Aristotle’s maxim of synergy, to the Middle Age study of the Quadrivium and Trivium, and all the way back to 2000BC with the Four Ancient Arts of the Chinese Scholar. Crossmodalism in its current form, born of sensory collaboration, is named in homage to the Crossmodal Research Laboratory, and Charles Spence, our personal Jean Cocteau.

Good to know it’s got some distinguished characters behind it! So what’s the Crossmodalist Cabaret?

15 events, 3 nights, 1 venue. The Crossmodalist Cabaret has EVERYTHING: from silent ethical porn and live music, to an exploration of the art of tea, to a nine hour endurance dance/violin world premiere, to a perfume concert, to a food photography exhibition.

Wow! A lot then, and three words to describe your event?

Coolest F*cking Sh*t.

Can’t argue with that! Any other reason you’re involved in Open Senses?

XM exists for the Crossmodalist Community - those practitioners who make the Crossmodalism movement. With the Berlin Chapter of Crossmodalism starting, the Cabaret provided an excellent opportunity to provide a platform for practitioners globally.

Why should people roll up to the Cabaret?

Come one, come all - the incredible depth and diversity of the Crossmodalist Cabaret will shock you, blow your mind, inspire, and introduce you to concepts you never knew existed. And it’s all happening in one place.

What else would you like to see?

Hack the Senses and Elephants and Volcanoes - Two amazing Crossmodalist groups bringing amazing work!

Where do you see the future of the senses going?

Multi-sensory is going nowhere unless it develops a way to communicate to others. Narrative is key. First we played with the senses - now we need to mould it into something tangible that speaks to people.

And the future of Crossmodalism?

Crossmodalism is a movement. Why do you care? Because it’s a movement that can unite three disparate worlds to create something better combined.

Cool and finally three words to describe the festival?

Ambitious, logistical nightmare.

Let’s make it an event to remember in that case!

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