2018: Ideas in Progress


Open Senses was launched in May 2017 as the world’s first festival dedicated to sensory practice and research - uniting a diverse group of practitioners dedicated to exploring the senses. In 2018 we present Open Senses: Ideas in Progress, a chance to bring the sensory community together on a regular basis, with the goal of opening up pathways for experimentation and collaboration.

Open Senses: Ideas in Progress is a series of events throughout 2018, all hosted at Rich Mix in East London. It is an informal space to play and test out ideas and new work. We encourage applications from artists, musicians, neurologists, psychologists, SEN workers, animators, chefs, perfumers and any practitioner working with the senses. We are keen to respond to the latest research and developments in the world of sensorial practice. Each event lasts 2 hours and includes four presentation slots plus time to discuss and workshop ideas with the group.

The first event, on 2nd March at Rich Mix, was sold out and featured contributions from Guerilla Science, Sarah McCartney, Heloise Turnstall-Behrens and Wisp. 

Our next event is Friday 8th June at Rich Mix. Contributors will be announced in May. Tickets are on sale now: