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Movement Alphabet

Movement Alphabet invites you on a personal journey of story, memory and movement to create and keep your Movement Portrait, a print capturing your presence and physical personality. A host will lead you into the mapping pod to create your portrait and guide you through the experience.

Click for details of the whole project including an online gallery and blog.

Movement Alphabet is a project exploring the personalities revealed through the ways we move our body in our everyday life. It combines algorithmic imagery, interactive technology and immersive one-to-one performance. Previously exhibited at Tate Modern in 2016, this latest incarnation of the work offers visitors a deeply personal exploration of the memories, stories and experiences entwined into each gesture.

While the movements that make your portrait will happen within the privacy of the mapping pod, friends are welcome to hang out outside and see your portrait materialise on the live display. After the experience you will receive a print of your Movement Portrait.

Running times:
Each slot is for one participating audience at a time. The slots lasts 30 minutes and start at 15 minute intervals during running times. **Please note that as a one-to-one experience, there are limited numbers of participatory slots. Advance booking is strongly recommended.**

Open Senses Offer: Buy a ticket for Movement Alphabet and receive a 10% off PROMO CODE for Elephants and Volcanoes immersive work Firnocene happening next door.

About the company:
Jan Lee & Tim Murray-Browne are artists intertwining choreography, immersive performance and digital interactivity. Their previous work includes This Floating World, an audiovisual performance of ethereal visual landscapes created by the movements of a dancer, and Waiting For a Grain of Sand to Leap Into the Air, a series of sonic experiments exploring interactivity, sound, movement and narrative.

They have completed residencies with ZU-UK in Rio de Janeiro and at GAS Station in London, showing their work at venues including Tate Modern, The Victoria & Albert Museum and Centro Popular de Conspiração Gargarullo, Brazil.

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