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Firnocene: Elephants and Volcanoes

  • The Old Trumans Brewery, S5 Brick Lane London, England, E1 6RL United Kingdom (map)

Firnocene is a participatory art installation that immerses its visitors (one at a time) in a multi sensorial encounter with the element water.

The fantastical journey and space (idiosyncratic, yet empathically familiar) reflect on various aspects and manifestations of water as a unique element connecting and nurturing all life as we know it, stimulating an innate awareness of one’s self, one’s environment and one’s self in this environment.

Elephants and Volcanoes is an international artist collective. Through the dialogue between different disciplines we search for novel forms of artistic expression and experience for our audiences. The first multimedia participatory performance “The Seed of Time” was a three night immersive installation in the futuristic House-Museum of the same name in Altamura, Italy (IT 2015). Previous collaborations of the co-founders are amongst others the happening, book and vinyl “Come Conciencia” (NYC, US 2013) and the gustatory and audio-visual opening performance for “Latent Colours of the Future Mind” (Lima, Perú 2014).

Co-founders are: architect Giacomo Garziano, visual artist Annika Kappner, culinary artist Monica Kisic, composer Eric Maltz, photographer Michael Sieber and graphic designer Clovis Wieske. Guests and collaborators Open Senses Festival: VR expert Nate Mars, choreographer Min Li and designer Elena Ciarloni.

Open Senses Offer: Buy a ticket for Firnocene and receive a 10% off PROMO CODE for Jan Lee & Tim Murray-Browne's immersive work Movement Alphabet happening next door.

The Collective will show the work in Amsterdam, Berlin, Lima and Zürich after the Open Senses Festival.

12:00 - 3:00PM
5:00PM - 8:00PM

Biographies Collective and Collaborators.


Giacomo Garziano (1981, Altamura, Italy) is an Italian architect working primarily in the Netherlands. His architectural practice, GG-loop, works with an interdisciplinary and international approach on projects ranging from urban planning to industrial design to biotechnology research. GG-loop is also involved in art projects embracing various creative fields, such as video installations, digital sculpture and music performances.

Annika Kappner (1980, Berlin, Germany) is a visual artist interested patterns of perception. Prompted by her experience as investment banker, her work deals with the evolution of consciousness in relation to mental patterns and their counterpart in nature, visual arts, technology and science. She frequently collaborates with artists and researchers from different fields.

Monica Kisic (1982, Lima, Peru) is a culinary artist and chef with a doctorate in molecular biology. She works to connect the discipline and science of Gastronomy with anthropology, taste and habits, culture, sound, visual arts, and architecture. She is searching for a gastronomy that goes beyond the palate and works collaboratively with artists from a variety of disciplines to further her work.

Eric Maltz (1980, New York City, USA) is a pianist and composer based in Madrid, Spain who traded in a job writing advertising music to focus on writing his own experimental music, soundscapes for art installations, compositions for chefs, and giving solo piano recitals in cities around the world. Always aware of the living nature of sound, Eric seeks out and highlights the natural pulse of any project he is involved in.

Michael Sieber (1976, Zurich, Switzerland) is a photographer who grew up in Kandersteg, Switzerland. After graduating, he worked as an assistant in the René Staud Studios in Stuttgart assisting reputable photographers in their work. Since 2005 he has been working as a freelance photographer, focusing mainly on portraits, landscapes and reportage.

Clovis Wieske (1980, Willemstad, Curaçao) is a graphic designer and art director living in Switzerland and working mainly in Berlin, Amsterdam, and Zurich. He has a passion for conceptualizing and bringing innovative ideas into fruition and works with a range of clients and collaborators, from design studios and creative agencies to cultural organizations and artists.

Guest Artists.

Nate Mars (1980, New York City, USA) - is a producer, music technologist and immersive content creator based in New York City. Nate is passionate about artist-to-artist music education, specifically helping inspire other producers to achieve their music production goals through collaboration and technology. He is also passionate about using immersive mediums like Virtual Reality for creative expression. Currently holds a position as consulting VP of Marketing for SpaceoutVR, Content and Social Media lead for Thrival Festival and Event and Content Specialist for Microsoft.

Elena Ciarloni (1985, Jesi, Italty) Is a costume designer and seamstress. She has experience also in event promotions. She will be collaborating in the setting up of the space.

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